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Construction Site Noise Monitoring

We can set up noise monitoring on your site running 24 hours a day. When maximum levels are exceeded you will automatically receive an alert via text or email allowing you to react instantly and avoid noise complaints!

We have offices throughout the UK, we’re fully  accredited and proud to offer a friendly, helpful service.

Acoustic Consultants

As Professional Acoustic Consultants, our staff can be found in the membership lists of the Institute of Acoustics; the professional industry body representing qualified acousticians in the UK.

We have a team of professional Acoustic Consultants waiting to speak to you today.

Friendly, Helpful Staff

We’re available from 08:30 to 17:00 to discuss your requirements. Whether you’re ready to book a site visit or just looking for advice when starting out on a new project.

Call today and speak to our experts about your requirements!

Construction Site Noise & Vibration Monitoring

A common requirement of modern construction sites located close to residential or other sensitive pre-existing uses, is that constant monitoring is stipulated by the planning department.

At Peak Acoustics we can install as many noise and vibration monitoring points as required in and around the development site.

Custom maximum noise level alarms can be set up so that you will know instantly via text or email if maximum noise levels are exceeded.

This reactive approach to noise control enables construction sites to maintain good relations with neighbours and avoid costly delays due to noise abatement orders and other restrictive measures.

To speak to an accredited Acoustic Consultant today call 0330 043 1764. Alternatively you can fill in our call back request form or view our other contact methods here.

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Accredited Engineers

All of our Acoustic Consultants, Engineers and Building Compliance technicians hold accreditation’s, from UKAS, the Institute of Acoustics, ATTMA and related professional bodies. This means you can rely on our work and results you can trust.

Safety First

All of our consultants, engineers and technicians are health and safety trained and are approved by on-site safety schemes

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