MEES Regulations – Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard

The minimum energy efficiency standard, aka MEES regulations, make ‘E’ the minimum allowable performance of a building when rated from A – G via energy performance certificate EPC.

As of 1st April 2018, the penalties for not complying with MEES Regulations could cost a landlord thousands of pounds. Unless they have applied for an exemption.

MEES Regulations – Exemptions

MEES regulations only apply to buildings that are required to have an EPC energy performance certificate. Typically non-residential or low power consuming buildings such as sheds, agricultural or storage will not need an EPC.

Buildings with Energy Performance Certificates that are over 10 years old are also exempt.

MEES Regulations also exempt tenancies that are either less than 6 months with no right of renewal, or over 99 years.

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MEES Regulations – Our Service

MEES Regulations Compliance:

  • We can review your EPC certificate or provide an up to date EPC.
  • Then, based on the result we can show you the most cost-effective solutions to meet the Minimum Energy Efficiency Standard.
  • Our Energy Assessors can also advise on whether your building can apply for an exemption.

We also offer a range of Energy services for domestic or commercial buildings including:

Energy Statements

SAP Calculations


Why MEES has been introduced

It is thought that 1 in 5 of the UK’s existing commercial buildings achieve the lowest ratings for energy efficiency on the A – G scale. Because of this, the government has identified the need to tackle inefficient buildings in order to meet carbon reduction targets by the year 2050.

Where building regulations ensure that all new buildings have to meet the current energy efficiency standards, the new Minimum Energy Efficiency Regulations are designed to ensure that older, inefficient buildings are brought into the higher energy efficiency rating bands.

This trend is likely to continue with the minimum requirement for energy efficiency gradually rising into the future.

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