Kitchen Extract Noise Report

A noise assessment for a commercial kitchen extract system is often crucial due to the potential for significant noise generation associated with the operation of such systems. Commercial kitchens often require powerful ventilation and extraction systems to manage heat, odours, and airborne pollutants generated during cooking processes. Here are several reasons why a noise assessment is necessary for a commercial kitchen extract system:

Regulatory Compliance: Local authorities typically enforce regulations regarding acceptable noise levels in commercial and residential areas. A noise assessment ensures that the extract system adheres to these regulations, preventing disturbances to nearby residents and maintaining a harmonious relationship with the surrounding community.

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Proximity to Sensitive Areas: Commercial establishments, including restaurants and cafes, are often located in mixed-use areas where residential and commercial spaces coexist. The noise generated by a kitchen extract system, which typically includes powerful fans and exhaust systems, can impact nearby residences, offices, and other sensitive locations. A noise assessment helps identify potential issues and implement mitigation measures to minimise the impact on neighbouring areas.

Operational Hours: Commercial kitchens in restaurants, hotels, and catering facilities often operate during extended hours, including evenings and weekends. A noise assessment takes into account the variable operational hours of the kitchen extract system, ensuring that noise emissions remain within acceptable limits during both peak and off-peak periods.

Mitigation Strategies: The findings of a noise assessment guide the development and implementation of effective mitigation strategies. This may involve installing noise-reducing equipment, adjusting the system’s design or operation, or employing physical barriers to contain noise emissions. Mitigation measures aim to strike a balance between the operational needs of the commercial kitchen and the need to minimise noise impact on the surrounding environment.

Use Peak Acoustics for your kitchen extract noise survey

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