Heat Pump Noise Report

Air source heat pumps (ASHPs) work by extracting heat from the outside air and transferring it into the building, providing an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional heating systems.

ASHPs typically include an outdoor unit (the compressor) that extracts heat from the air. This unit contains a fan and a compressor, which can generate noise during operation. The noise produced by the ASHP may impact the surrounding environment, especially in residential areas where noise levels are regulated to maintain the quality of life for residents. The installation of an ASHP may sometimes require a noise assessment for planning permission.

Heat pump noise survey

Regulatory Compliance: Local planning authorities often have regulations in place regarding acceptable noise levels for residential and commercial areas. Before granting planning permission for the installation of ASHPs, authorities may require a noise assessment to ensure that the proposed system will not exceed the allowable noise limits. This is to prevent potential disturbances to neighbours and to maintain a peaceful living environment.

Consideration of Surrounding Environment: ASHP installations are more common in urban and suburban settings where buildings are in close proximity to each other. In such environments, the impact of noise from outdoor units can be more pronounced. A noise assessment helps in evaluating the potential impact on the surrounding environment, including nearby residential properties, public spaces, and other sensitive areas.

Mitigation Measures: The results of a noise assessment can inform the need for mitigation measures to reduce the impact of ASHP noise. These measures might include installing noise barriers, choosing quieter equipment, adjusting the location of the outdoor unit, or implementing operational restrictions during certain hours. The assessment helps in identifying appropriate measures to ensure compliance with noise regulations.

Community Concerns: Prior to approving planning permission, local authorities may take into account the concerns and objections raised by the local community. Noise-related complaints are common, and a thorough noise assessment can address these concerns by demonstrating that the proposed ASHP installation will comply with established noise standards.

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