There are many different types of noise survey, and each type is tailored to the project and the requirements of the local authority.

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Peak Acoustics – Noise Surveys

There are many different reasons why a noise survey may be required. You can call PEAK to discuss your project with an acoustic consultant for free without obligation. With your permission we can then speak to the council to confirm a proposal for the survey. At PEAK we believe that the key to a smooth transition through the planning process is communication, both with our clients and Local Authorities. To discuss your project with an experienced acoustic consultant call us today on 01625 667989.

How Much Does A Noise Survey Cost?

There are a wide range of situations which can require a noise survey. A survey may be required to predict noise for a planning application, or to measure the existing noise at the site of a proposed development.

‘Noise Survey’ is a blanket term which covers many different situations, to determine your exact requirements speak to one of our consultants!

Different Types Of Noise Survey

What we offer at PEAK

  • Free, honest discussion with an experienced Acoustic Consultant
  • No obligation or hard sell, just an honest appraisal of your requirements and our lowest price quotation
  • Fast turnaround times, we understand time can be critical in some situations and we will tell you if your deadline can be met
  • We can communicate between the planners and environmental health to determine the exact requirements for your noise survey
  • We give you a full fee proposal with a cost breakdown upfront
  • Our services are available Nationwide, from the biggest city to the smallest remote village and even offshore occasionally!
  • We have a wealth of experience dealing with just about every type of noise survey

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