Entertainment and Licensed Premises

Local Authorities need take into account a great variety of parameters when regulating entertainment noise; cultural differences, habits, patron behaviour, functionality of the sound climate and existing regulations ensure that patrons, businesses and neighbours can enjoy their space and their rights.

Annoyance and nuisance caused by noise break-out from busy restaurants, bars or pubs neighbouring residential space has become a contentious issue in the UK. Noise nuisance can have a dramatic effect on human health, but also pubs have been closing down in alarming numbers over recent years.

Noise conditions are often imposed upon Entertainment and Licensed Premises by local authorities as part of the planning and licensing process. Since there is no specific directive on noise-break out levels, requirements may vary from council to council.

PEAK has experience of assessing noise from entertainment activities. These assessments have included:

  • Noise generated by electronic and live music from pubs and bars
  • Noise generated by customers attending an entertainment venue
  • Noise from air-conditioning and ventilation units serving the venue
  • Other activities

Common Solutions to Noise Issues

Sound Limiters

PEAK provides recommendations on sound limiting devices to be installed in an entertainment space, both for electronic and live music events.

Acoustic Design

Our Acoustic Consultants can also prepare an acoustic design for indoor or outdoor spaces to achieve a pleasant and functional soundscape inside or outside a restaurant, bar or pub for patrons and staff. For more information please see our Acoustic Design page.

Noise Management Plan

A Noise Management Plan aims in helping an entertainment or eating/drinking establishment to minimise any adverse impact on the natural environment.

PEAK can prepare a Noise Management Plan for any type of entertainment venue or eating/drinking establishment that may include but is not limited to the following:

  • Robust policies and procedures applied to events help in an entertainment venue
  • Fixed and mobile sound limiting and monitoring equipment.
  • Training procedures for managers and other staff associated with events in the place
  • A detailed complaints monitoring system
  • An ongoing review process

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