Acoustic Design

Acoustic Design can be critical for projects of all sizes, a small amount of consideration at the design stage can make a huge difference to the outcome. Understanding the effects of sound within your space can help deliver the best results for your functional environment

Acoustic design is a key element of many acoustic consultancy projects. It can form part of a design proposal to resolve noise problems or to prevent a future noise problem arising, particularly speech intelligibility, restaurant ambience and reverberant sound control.

Restaurants benefit from Acoustic Design to provide the optimum ambience for customers!

Examples of our Acoustic Design work:

  • Glazing and ventilation specifications for noise control in new and refurbished buildings;
  • Design of acoustics barriers to reduce environmental noise in the gardens or green areas;
  • Attenuation of mechanical services and plants including design of Acoustics Enclosures;
  • Party walls and floor design in residential and commercial developments;
  • Room Acoustics design including control of reverberation time and ambient noise;
  • Design to enhance speech intelligibility and music perception in indoor spaces;
  • Soundscape design of outdoor spaces such as skateparks, urban parks or gardens to provide sustainable and functional spaces;
  • Noise abatement in urban spaces using green roof and green wall systems;

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  • Knowledge of a wide range of materials and their acoustic behaviour;
  • Use of sophisticated acoustic software to aid design work;
  • Liaising with architects, developers and clients to achieve the optimal and functional design solutions;
  • Experienced senior staff reviewing all design projects.

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